Pacific APA, Vancouver, British Columbia, Westin Bayshore Hotel (full program here)

Thursday, April 18, 2019, 6:00 PM

Topic: Ecology and Creativity East and West

Chair: Russell Duvernoy, Seattle University


“The Way Back: Daoist Reveral and Phenomenological Reduction,” Meillin Chinn, Santa Clara University

“Acting Like Animals: Butler, Creativity, and the Performance of Species,” Rebekah Sinclair, University Oregon

Listen to these papers (Chinn 0:01 to 50:00; Sinclair, 51:40-1:50:45):

Commentator: Russell Duvernoy, Seattle University


The President and Organizer of SPC Pacific is Russell Duvernoy who is an Instructor of Philosophy at Seattle University who works primarily at the intersection between process metaphysics, 20th century French philosophy, and critical environmental philosophy. He also has interests in the philosophy of time, poetics, American pragmatism, Indigenous philosophies and Mahayana Buddhism. His articles have appeared in Transactions of Charles S. Peirce SocietyJournal of Speculative PhilosophyMetaphilosophyDeleuze and Guattari Studies, and Comparative and Continental Philosophy


Contact:, Department of Philosophy, 901 12th Avenue, Seattle, WA, 98122

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